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Why use us?

We are a team of carriers with an extensive experience in auto shipping industry and have come to realize that eliminating middleman such as brokers, would greatly simplify our clients car shipping process. Therefore, we created this app which is extremely easy to use, safe and customer oriented.

How much will it cost to ship my car?

After registering on our free app and placing your shipping request for carriers to review, you will receive actual quotes from different carriers, and you can decide which company to go with by their rate, profile and experience.

How far in advance should I schedule the transport of my vehicle?

It is best that you schedule your move as far out as possible. However, if an immediate pick up is required, arrangements with the carrier can be made as well.

Do I need to be present for pickup and delivery?

Yes, you or someone authorized will need to be present in both locations in order to sign the inspection report and to ensure the vehicle arrived on delivery in its prior condition.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and we do not charge any credit card fees .

Is my vehicle insured during shipment?

All the carriers that register on our app must carry a cargo insurance policy, which is highly monitored by us. Upon the trucks arrives on pick up, we recommend you to verify that their insurance certificate has the trucks VIN number to confirm coverage. We also suggest maintaining your personal auto insurance policy throughout the shipping process.

What do I do if my car is damaged during transportation?

Vehicle shipping is very safe and stress free, however, if damage occurs and it is directly attributed to the shipping process, note all damage on carriers inspection report, obtain the driver`s signature, and immediately contact the carrier to file a claim. In some cases carriers either pay for damage directly or it is taken care of by their insurance.

Who Do I contact during my vehicle shipping process?

After choosing a carrier, you will get access to the driver or company contact info. You will also be able to chat through the UDecide pp.

How can I track my vehicle and get updates?

When the driver notifies you 2 hours before the pick up time, you will see the trucks location on the app throughout the whole transportation of your vehicle.

Are pick up and delivery dates guaranteed?

Unfortunately, there are many factors that can cause delay issues. Such as bad weather, truck issues, traffic, road closures, etc. But all the carriers do their absolute best to maintain the agreed upon schedule.

What if my vehicle pick-up or drop-off locations is not accessible to the truck?

Most auto hauling trucks are quite large, up to 75 feet long. This sometimes makes it impossible to reach many residential areas. If that's the case with your neighborhood, your carrier will attempt to get as close as possible to your location. Or you can also arrange a convenient location, such as shopping center to meet with the truck.

Do I need to clean my car before shipping?

We recommend for the exterior of your vehicle to be in a clean condition. This will assist you and the driver to do a throughout visual inspection before the transport. Upon delivery of your vehicle the same inspection will be done.

How much fuel should I put or leave in my car?

It is best not to fill up your fuel tank prior to shipping your car. We ask that you leave approximately 1/4 tank full of fuel in the vehicle.
This aids in minimizing the total weight of the shipment, preventing trucks from being overweight.

May I pack my car with personal items?

There are several reasons as to why we advise against loading up your vehicle. Not only does it overload the over all weight of the truck, which can cause many issues to the carrier. It is also not the drivers nor companies responsibility to keep track of your personal belongings. It for some reason you still decide to do so, please understand that you are doing so at your own risk. In this case prior discussion and agreement needs to be made with your carrier before shipment.

Can I ship extra parts or boxes with my shipment?

In a lot of cases, the driver is okay with taking extra items, most likely there will be an extra charge. This can be discussed and arranged directly with the carrier that you choose.

Non-refundable cancellation policy

If a customer cancels their order less than 24 hours before pick up, the cancellation fee is 150$. If the shipment cancels less than 2hr prior to pick up, the cancellation fee is $300.

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